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    Inspiration Evolution Plus for Sale

    Inspiration Evolution Plus for Sale. 2800.

    The unit was originally new in 2006 but the lid was exchanged for this lid in November 2011, lots of parts have been renewed since too.

    The head has just returned from service at AP, where it had a new lid fitted and a full service. Previously the head was returned in 2016 where the rechargeable battery was fitted and a new handset and pressure sensor were fitted. There is 6th months life left on the cells.

    The unit comes with four tanks, two O2 and two Dil, all have just been hydro tested and O2 cleaned.

    The unit has just had a full service including regs, breathing loop and hoses, you can see the bag of old parts in the pictures.

    The unit is in great condition, in full service and ready to dive.

    PM me for the head number if you’re interested in purchasing and would like to check the history with the factory.

    List of items included in the sale:

    -Inspiration Evo Plus with black cover
    -Mono Handset, right handed
    -Spare Yellow cover
    -Medium Lungs
    -Small harness (this is changeable or can replace with backplate)
    -Full Trimix Software
    -New lid fitted
    -Rechargeable Battery with charger
    -Latest Solenoid
    -ADV with flowstop locking strap
    -3 Hour Scrubber
    -Temp Stick
    -2 pairs of tanks (main set and spare, all in test and O2 clean)
    -Offboard quick release (AP/Metalsub type) bracket with SS jubilee clamps
    -Front mounted counter lungs with additional MAVs, currently blanked off but additional MAVs supplied
    -Myflex Hose for OCB
    -AP Emergency Cylinder, not currently fitted, but all parts available
    -Misc Spares
    -Quarter Tub of lime

    Can download the pictures here:

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