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    Is this for diving caves in the UK or abroad?

    For the UK, as the sumps have generally bad vis, are smaller and you generally stay very close to the line, a shorter reel with thicker line is best. I think my UK search reel has about 10m of 3mm cord on it which is bungied to my arm. I generally have another larger reel with me as well in case I need to fix or lay line, which generally has around 50m of 4 or 6mm polyprop on it, which I clip to one of my back D-rings.

    For big french sumps, I have a larger safety reel, with around 30m of 1mm line on it, which lives in my drysuit pocket. I also usually take a couple of smaller reels with 10m of 2mm line on them for jumps or line fixing if needed.


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    Its for the UK but not sumps I will be more than happy in the mines, dont fancy that CDG stuff TBH. I have about 40m on an existing spool so think that will be OK for jumps and also a primary reel. I am thinking of France next year (Lot) so might sort a different safety for that trip.

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