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Thread: Equalisation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tel View Post
    Good news, but can I suggest that you avoid anything vertical and look to do a profile/terraced dive.

    Jump in at Vobster next to a wall (no need to go straight down), just go horizontal and after leaving the surface
    and as you swim along, slowly drop down a couple of metres, then level off keep swimming gently and make sure
    your ears are happy. If ok do the same and drop down to 4m etc. using the wall as a point of reference. Swimming
    along builds in plenty of breathing reps and equalisation will take place naturally without the potential for trauma that
    can happen with vertical. Keep on going with 2m stops until whatever depth you want and pick a harddeck like the
    12m ledge where you have a visual reference.

    On the ascent do the same, go up in stages and at each 2m, level off make sure neutral and ears are ok before
    moving up again.

    I've used this technique when dealing with students that had (past tense ) in some cases quite severe ear issues
    and this way kinder approach has worked every time
    I would agree with that however would also suggest a few tester dives before going back to "normal" diving. Allow time and gas for descents and ascents at a far slower rate than normal just in case there is an issue with equalisation particularly with regards to a reverse block (which will be more likely if there are some residual barotrauma issues however minor such as inflamed Eustachian tubes). Equalise way more than normal as well.

    Had similar in the Red Sea on a liveaboard - one of the group wanted to keep diving despite having a bit of a cold (never developed fully). Was OK so long as she allowed the extra time - she did get slight blocks both ways but reversing direction and going super slow stopped them being more than a minor irritation. Just changed the diving order so she and her buddy were first in to allow time to descend and they left the group early at the other end to allow time to ascend safely.

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    Thanks all! I'm in the pool this Friday for a little bit of a paddle, my first bit of water (apart from showers of course) since I decided I'd take a break for a few weeks.

    Hopefully if I am OK then, I'll be seeing if I can build up to the pool twice a week, then maybe a dip into Vob after then. Hey, 8 dives in the book so far..

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