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    GoPro setup help!

    I've been making a few videos recently with my trusty GoPro 3+ Black. The wife has bought be a GoPro 7 for Christmas so I'm looking to upgrade my kit. This looks the dogs danglies:


    But at 2,115 its bloody expensive. I think a lot of that must be the housing and external screen which I do not think I need. So I think something like the iQsub housing may be a better choice:


    I need the housing to be good to at least 100m, does anyone know of an alternative that can be purchased in the UK?

    That then leaves tray, arms and lights of which I know very little, Keldan look amazing again but I think maybe overkill for a GoPro? Could anyone recommend a good GoPro friendly setup which isn't going to cost 2k! Ultimately this will be mounted to a DPV once I can afford one, does that make any difference to the arms/trays?

    Apologies for the million questions!

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    Diving flashlight led CREE XHP70 upgrade XHP90 underwater photography camera fill Red light blue UV diving light

    Cheap as chips and bright, not as bright as advertised but good enough for go pro. I also got a camera tray, clamps and extension arms from same site.


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