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    Any point trying to save / use this video light ?

    I've got an old Ikelite case and light set up. It was for a mini DV Sony camcorder (DCR PC9E if if I remember right)

    It had a video light set up with it - this one, the Pro Video Light 2

    I'm looking at cannibalising the case and tray/pistol grips and reusing the tray and grips, adding loc-line arms and using it for a go-pro and dual chinese video light set up

    I'm wondering if there is any worth in the light though. The battery wouldn't charge with the charger, and I figured nothing to lose so opened it up. It has 4 Moltech NiCad cells wired in series. 4 x 3.6v 5.7ah. (Correction - 2 x 3.6v and 2 x 2.4 v - so 12v total)

    I know little about these things, but my guess is that the light head itself is now old tech and effectively useless and replaced by LEDs and that the battery pack is so old and that battery tech has moved on anyway such that none of it is really worth trying to recondition or bring back into use

    Is that right ? Is this really only fit for the tip now ?

    If not - if for example the light head (and waterproof switch / selector unit) was still worth trying to use, then any thoughts on where I start in looking for a suitable battery pack to power it ?

    Does 4 x cells in series means a 12v cell, with 5.7ah ? Is that what I'd be looking for ? If I can get these bulky cells back to life (I seem to have got them back to 12v ....) are they still not worth the bulk these days?
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