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In a nutshell, your spot on, none of the current breed of RBs are 100% safe !

And if it makes you chuckle, and brightens up your day, I just bought er indoors a Volvo !
And if I had a £ for every time in the early years that the Mk6 failed its pre dive checks, I would be writing this from my Caribbean branch, not me Cardiff one, couple that with a £ for every promise that Posiedon make, I would be minted

Re two deaths, for what its worth, the woodentop experts reckon the result of this one was human error.............


It makes you wonder if some users might be killed crossing the road. You even need a licence to fish !

To the best of my knowladge ALL CCR deaths were either human error or pre existing medical condition, reguardless of which unit they were on.

My only point is, if your going to make a system fully automated and remove all human input, it has to be very very reliable.

ABS springs to mind as a very reliable system which makes us all drive far too fast in the wet.

Traction control makes me floor the throttle with wild abandon on my 2012 BMW M Sport where as id be taking the same corner like a granny on valium in my 1994 MR2 Turbo (which I prefer driving )

If my ABS or traction control failed unexpectedly on the BMW I would undoubtably crash as I have put too much reliance on them.

My ABS on the Jeep Cherokee I had in 1996 was rubbish. Id never trust it to work properly. Rust on he sensor wheel would cause the car to keep on roling long after the breaks should have stoped it.

But these days the ABS systems all seem to be very reliable so i put my faith in them and relax when driving a modern car.

Not so with CCR. The "safety systems" on modern CCR are still in the 1996 Jeep bracket of crap

I have to admit the Sheerwater electronics package seems very impressive in terms of its reliabuility, but 02 cell technolagy is still the week link in the chain.

For me when diving an automated system I feel like I actualy have to put greater effort into checking the automation is working corectly than i do just flying a manual unit. Often its quite hard to work arround the automatied systems in order to do the proper manual checks.