As I said in my earlier post. My wife has given up diving. Especially in UK! Therefore she has reluctantly agreed to hand on her dry suit to someone it fits. This suit has seen little use certainly less than 100 probably less than 50 dives. Nothing in the last 4 years it has been hung on a good hangar in a cool dry place, I can see nothing wrong with it. It was MTM. Measurements 5'7" size 8 boots chest 37 waist 29 hips 39 Neo neck seal latex cuffs. If anyone wants to see this PM me.
I understand that it is worth what someone will pay for it but it would be a bargain at 200. I would not sell this to someone without it being tried on.
We are West Mids but I go to NDAC reasonably often and would travel, but not too far to find the right person.