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    Ikelite Nikon D300 Housing and three ports plus 2-3 DS 160/125 Strobes.

    My dear wife is giving up diving, this is sad for me but she has handed on to me her Olympus mirrorless system. Hence I might as well sell my Nikon underwater system to someone wanting to get into DSLR u/w photography.
    I would like to sell the lot all together as they are used to each other!

    1 Ikelite housing for Nikon D300 with third party vacuum check system Housing Sentry from Underwater Camera Stuff http://www.uwcamerastuff.com/housing...y_overview.htm An essential in my view for Ikelite housings.
    Housing serviced inc electronics by Ikelite <1 year ago only 1 trip and some UK use since.
    1 5" Dome from U/W camera stuff with Ikelite port stem for Tokina 10-20mm
    1 8" Ikelite dome port fits same port stem
    Port for Nikon 105 macro lens
    Numerous gear rings for zooms
    All Orings and spares.

    2 Ikelite DS125 160 Strobes with cables and tray and arms in working order checked by Aquaphot and still putting out at least 80% max output plus two battery packs recently recelled by same.

    Minimum offer 1000

    There may be other odd and sods that I can't think of.
    This is the system that has taken most of my shots on here. What's wrong with it? Nothing Its too heavy for me these days and as above I have inherited my wife's system.

    I could also be persuaded to part with my D300 body for 200 (only to buyer of housing) but not lenses, so this whole outfit would suit a current Nikon DSLR user wanting to get into U/W photography cheaply.

    PM me if interested quite happy to meet with kit at NDAC or near Midlands.
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    Having dived with Tim many times I can vouch for how well this kit has been/is looked after.
    Diving, and photography holidays in Gozo
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