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    Few halcyon bits for sale.....

    Here we go - selling a fair bit of my stuff as its simply sitting there not doing much at the moment. Pointless keeping it over another winter....

    Open to offers if you think the prices are out of date, but this gear will be sold on first come first served basis....

    SMB'S -

    3 x 6' Halcyon SMB's. One is marked "Dave" in marker pen - 50

    2 have "GRS" Stickers on that can easily be removed - 70 each

    1 x 4' Halcyon SMB - Unmarked - 50


    Spools - (All with SS Double Enders)


    From Left to Right -

    30 - 30 - 40 - 45 - 45

    Double Enders - (As in above picture)

    10 @ 3 ea.

    Lift bag (Brand New - Large) [IMG][/IMG]


    Also have a Liquivision dive timer (Offers?) and 2 x Heiser LED Back up lamps (Offers). 18 Ltr Euros, Mint, just out of test. (Offers). 12 ltrEuros & Halcyon Manifold (Just out of test) Offers.

    Drop me a line - First come first served.

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