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    TDF dive trip report research facility - Middle East

    Middle East


    Sharm el Sheikh

    7 Jan 2020 Sharm by Simples ! https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...-from-Simples-!

    May 2018. Camel Dive Club, Sharm el Sheikh by smileydiver. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...heikh-May-2018

    18 April 2017. Return to Sharm by smileydiver. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...turn-to-Sharm-)

    Hurghada/ El Gouna /Marsa Alam

    Nov 2015. Wadi Lahami & Marsa Shagra by frogfone. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...hagra-Nov-2015

    12 Dec 2015. Clampies go to El Gouna with Regaldive and Emperor Divers by Eddie Clamp. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...Emperor-Divers

    22 July 2016. Another trip to Egypt by purple vonny. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...-trip-to-Egypt

    15 March 2018. Royal Tulip Marsa Alam with Orca Diving by Paul Evans. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...th-Orca-Diving

    12 April 2018. Hurghada by Taz. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...24992-Hurghada

    2 June 2018. Marsa Nakari Trip Report by purple vonny. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...ri-Trip-Report

    22 Mar 2019. Marsa Shagra by Tim Digger. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...6-Marsa-Shagra

    2 July 2019 Lahami Bay Beach Resort by Wibble32. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...y-Beach-Resort

    13 Feb 2020. Marsa Shagra - Feb 2020 by smileydiver. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...hagra-Feb-2020


    Sept 2014. Wrecks and Reefs on MY Tempest with ScubaTravel by Eddie Clamp. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...pest-Sept-2014

    9 Dec 2014. MY Blue Planet - Brothers, Red Sea. December 2014 by Eddie Clamp. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...-December-2014

    10 May 2015. Grand Sea Serpent Diving Simply the Best by divemorediveclub. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...imply-the-Best

    10 Dec 2016. Brothers, Daedalus and Safaga on MY Emperor Elite with Regaldive by Eddie Clamp. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...with-Regaldive

    25 March 2017. Red Sea Again Security by Tim Digger. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...Again-Security

    5 July 2017. Red Sea back to back liveaboards. Blue Melody/Asmaa with Regaldive. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...e-Melody-Asmaa

    18 Feb 2018. MY Emperor Asmaa. St Johns, Feb 2018 with Regaldive by Eddie Clamp. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...Johns-Feb-2018

    15 Dec 2018. MY Blue, Daedalus and Elphinstone, Dec 2018 by Eddie Clamp.

    22 Mar 2019. MY Blue Horizon, Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone, March 2019 by Eddie Clamp

    18 Aug 2019. Hurricane to Fury Shoal, St Johns and Elphinstone by purple vonny. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...nd-Elphinstone

    7 Jan 2020. MY Blue Fin. December 2019. Blue O2 by Eddie Clamp. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...46-MY-Blue-Fin


    31 Jan 2018. On the way back in Oman. Damaniyat Islands by Tim Digger. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...aniyat-Islands


    20 Dec 2017. Hallaniyat Islands, Oman on MY Oman Aggressor with RegalDive by Eddie Clamp

    Saudi Arabia

    15 April 2016. Jeddah diving by Dimitri. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...-Jeddah-diving


    23 Feb 2015. Sanganeb last week...what a lovely place by ourwildjourney. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...a-lovely-place

    12 May 2015. Sudan on CCR and the hunt for the lost Italian sub.PPPPPP by Simon TW. https://www.thediveforum.com/showthr...ian-sub-PPPPPP
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