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    West Coast diving April and May 2022

    It is fair to say that that over the last few weeks I have been doing a spot of diving on the Clasina. The last few weeks started in April as part of the Operation Oyster dives as advertised in the BSAC magazine. We had four lovely days of diving visiting the Breda, Catalina sea plane, Thesis and some wall dives.

    In May I stayed on board Clasina for two weeks. The first week was taking a space advertised via Facebook and the second week an invitation from Reading BSAC. Due to the weather both trips meant that we stuck to the more sheltered parts of the west coast but we did manage to visit, Skye, Eigg and various lochs along the way. I will have another opportunity to visit St Kilda in August 😊

    Given the weather situation, lots of south easterly wind, we had pretty good dive conditions, with viz varying from 5 metres to 15 metres, and the water temperature ranging from 8c to a balmy 10c.

    For those divers who have not dived from Clasina then here are a few things to note. The boat is excellent for touring around and provides a very stable dive platform. The bijou cabins come provided with bedding, charging points, mirror and hooks. There is a dry area for kitting up. Food is tasty and sufficient quantity to suit all waistlines. Bob Anderson the skipper knows how to handle a boat and can provide suitable motivational encouragement from the window. Downstairs wet rooms will be fitted in due course. I hope to see the beer fridge installed by August. 😊

    Touring around enabled us to check out "New to Bob" dive spots, some were pretty good some were excellent. On several occasions we had to do anchor watch shifts overnight as even in the lochs it was a tad breezy.

    All the dives were recorded using a GoPro 9 and my DivePro D90 video lights.

    Rather than link to individual dive videos here are a couple of links that enable you to see the diving

    April dives
    Lighting is a bit off for the video as I managed to flood one of the lights

    First week of Western Isles diving

    Second week of diving

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    Thank you.

    I've not dived that area for some 20 years and it is good to bring back many memories. I dived most of the sites you have recorded over the years (from the 'Harry Slater') - Dave and Jan liked the crew I organised 'cause we where always up for an 'Adventure' not just the same old dive sites up and down the Sound of Mull.

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    'Lighting is a bit off for the video as I managed to flood one of the lights'

    Ouch - expensive!


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