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    C02 in water (Seawater).


    There is an advert on the telly at the moment where a company is claiming to be investing in Sea Grass to minimise it's emissions.

    I know emissions are not all about C02 and I know C02 is used as the datum point to pollution but if Sea Grass absorbs C02
    and if the grass is at the bottom of the sea does it mean that the sea has to be saturated with C02 for it to be absorbed by the Sea Grass?

    Typically what is the maximum depth that you would find Sea Grass at? I thought it was a relatively shallows growing plant to maximise
    the suns energy?

    Anyway is said advert with the Doe-eyed seal just another gimmick to make us feel that the company is bothered?


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    Leaving aside seagrass which is an important ecosystem for juveniles of many species. CO2 dissolves readily in water and will be in equilibrium rapidly with the partial pressure of CO2 in air so increases in CO2 concentration are mirrored in seawater. BUT when dissolved in water CO2 combines with H2O forming Carbonic acid which further dissociates to H+ and HCO3-.
    Thus H20+CO2 <> H+ + HCO3- thus the amount of CO2 that can be carried by water is much larger though this is at the expense of hydrogen ion production and increasing acidity of the sea. This it appears is not good for corals.
    As for seagrass it appears that it is more effective than land based sequestration of CO2 eg trees, as the O2 dissolved in water is less and decomposition of plant material is slower than on land, similar to locking away of Carbon in peat bogs.
    I believe the science behind this is quite good and sea grass meadows are good for Dugongs! What's not to like. Of course it will be bigged up by whoever is supporting it you have to get your returns somehow!
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