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    The history of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and kidney transplant surgery

    The history of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and kidney transplant surgeryMalazai, AJ; Worku, DG; McGee, J; Van Meter, K; Slakey, DPNo Abstract AvailableUndersea and Hyperbaric Medicine : Journal of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nunhead_man View Post
    HBOT enhances oxygen transportation to all bodily fluids, tissues, and cells. Because high-dose oxygen is toxic to normally perfused tissue — particularly in the brain and lungs — regular HBOT sessions should not exceed 1-2 hours.
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    Interesting topic worth discussion to some.To kick off two points to consider. Distinction and definition.

    By distinction the contrast needs to be made between general medical conditions treated with medical hyperbaric treatment as opposed to our specific interest as divers in Diving Diseases Type I and type II bends and embolism.

    By definition all of our diver “treatment” tables start off in excess of 10MSW 33 foot depth and exceed the 1-2 hours duration you mention. Albeit oxygen is only used in 20 minute sessions with a 5 minute air break. Depth is also a factor dependent on the severity and resolution at depth. In addition 50% oxygen with helium is used in some treatments starting off at 30 MSW.

    Diving off the local tourist track brings risk and responsibility and for the price of an average car having your own transportable chamber capable of 55MSW depth on deck is a cheaper alternative than waiting hours for the air sea rescue and getting to the nearest chamber then spending the rest of your shortened life in a wheel chair wetting nappies. From surface to in the chamber under pressure and receiving treatment takes us 5 minutes and with a serious reduction in resultant penalty that delay in receiving treatment waiting for the taxi ride to the hospital normally takes.

    Further the cost to purchase outright a small 2 man transportable divers chamber capable of 55MSW depth and the full scope of treatments with full emergency back up and equipment was also cheaper than the charge made by the UK medical hyperbaric treatment centres to the NHS or DAN for each typical type II bend treatment to a single diver.


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