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    Quote Originally Posted by jturner View Post
    ...Reg was an Oceanic Alpha 8, ..... Freeze was on the 2nd stage only (luckily). The chap using it has a fairly high though somewhat variable consumption rate; we were anticipating that his air consumption might become the deciding factor during the dive plan so it was possible he was having a "more than usual" dive and pushed it a fraction too hard. Still, the regs have never given us problems before no matter who was using them. We'll have to see if anything is shown up when they're serviced.
    Quote Originally Posted by MikeF View Post
    ..... At one point in the late 80's early 90's you couldn't have a dive in Dorothea or Hodge close without a free flowing reg featuring at some point when plastic second stages first came out. ...
    Interesting (thank you both for the data). So it seems that the plastic 2nds were the issue? Regs freeze due to the release of pressure causing the gas to cool. The more gas you breathe the more effect it has so it makes sense that in a high stress training situation someone that already is a heavy gas consumer would push the reg beyond it's design ability. All my early diving was with Oceanic Alpha side exhaust followed by an Aqua-Lung. I never had any issues at all. The Oceanic was Gildenburgh kit as I worked there. I don't remember any free flow incidents with our school kit.

    I have dived ScubaPro for the last 20 or so years. I have just ordered the new Apeks XT4 (Aquanauts, Plymouth 288 - very good deal) to replace my Mk11/R295. It was either buy new or service the old one as it has a sticky exhaust, but I guess after 15 years it is nearly due a service. I need a new deco reg so this is a perfect excuse.

    Do other people get freeze freeflow problems? If so what freezes and what kit? Hopefully from this feedback the freeze up is a thing of the past.

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    I must be odd because I just used them to trim out when I ran Avanti Quatroes and an Otter skin suit that had large floaty welly boots on

    And if I forgot them, id spend the whole dive doing a head stand

    Baught some very heavy jet type fins (cant remember what they were called but they were second choice for GUE divers, were they Turtle fins?)and didn't need them any more, go figure

    Changed dry suits and had to get rid of the fins because of being foot heavy and switched to lighter jets.

    Good job I could afford to throw 450 at diferent sets of fins or id be stuck with the embaresment of 20.00 ankle weights

    I use gators for cave diveing only. OW diveing if I get some air trapped in my leg I can sort it, but in a cave theres often not enough head space to do that.

    Bit like getting rid of my slob knob

    It only cost me 1500 in MTM cave cut dry suits and 800 in MTM under sutes to solve the problem that had previously been fixed by my 150.00 slob knob
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