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    Yeah dump suit, wing and lungs. I just let it vent out around the mouthpiece, head up. Drop under a bit and feed some gas into the loop or let the ADV do its thing. Your probably drop like a stone !

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    Was back in with some changes yesterday, I integrated weight into the backplate and got it up to a base weight of 5.9kg using old ankle weights in the v and down the sides to the rear.

    Ditched the telly tubby undersuit in favour of a selection of outdoor kit in layers, and the stage and was able to get under without additional weight.

    I am now slightly under (think negative pressure in suit slightly sucking in water at seals!) so will trim out with a couple of kilos to allow for some inflation and to offset the ally stage at low pressures.

    MOD 1 is booked too so want to make sure kit is sorted in advance.

    5 dives now and still alive so if anyone wants any advice ask away.

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