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Thread: Co2

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    I've got a similar outlook but I have a QC6 in between the BOV and the off board, plenty flow and easy to disconnect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonG View Post
    I was overthinking of an issue on surface pre dive but I guess you would just spit bov and inflate wing suit.

    Then deploy o2 clean snorkel.

    Unit held it's first pos neg last night with new correctly sized lungs.
    The only time iv had a problem at the surface, / pushed off the breather ,

    I had a bit of a target fixation, tide was running and i wanted to hit the shot and get down , jumped in a bit to close and smacked my loop hose on the buoy dvs parted from the mouth grip , bummer , lucky for me i could grab the shot line, stop my self from sinking as id gone in hard and heavy to get down fast , , used my 50% cylinder reg to breath , saved the grip by sticking a finger in it , , tossed loop over my head , add some /gas in wing and waited for boat to come round and pick me up ,
    new cable ties and went back in ,

    a bov would of been of no help to me ,other than maybe closing down the loop a bit faster breathing low po2 resting or Scratching my arse. is not for me

    if id not had the shot line to hold id have been going down as i deployed the 50% ,

    iv a few ways to get round this now , as i wanted it to be some what slicker if i had a same sort of problem at or near the surface, when jumping in ie start of dive ,

    even my suit feed has a nitrox mix in it , i have off board o2 so just stuck a pop off reg on the whip .
    you could plum something in to you auto air (if you have one)ie suit gas not argon lol
    or stick a reg on it , i norm have 2l or 3l off board gas x 2 , and i can get at all the gas i hump one way or the other , i can plum two whip up and join cylinder,s plug in to my buddys gas , lot,s of ways to fook my day up, lol End of day i can blow all gas in unit or breath all gas oc mode , low flow fitting so only good in shallow water oc wise ie 30m and up,

    i like to fix a problem so that it give me a 2nd benefit rather than another problem some other place on the dive ,

    a bov may sort one big problem but it makes you a good few more problems , so needs thinking about ,

    Some will say why the fook bother with a nitrox mix in your suit feed ,
    i say 45mins on a high po2 may save the day , not saying it will but no harm in trying ,
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