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    The main attraction of those Red Sea camps for me is that you leave your room/tent, walk down to the kit locker, get kitted up, walk in to the sea and do a dive. Nothing is easier apart from liveaboard diving where you would have to walk a shorter distance. I would never go on another diving holiday that required transfer buses/driving to dive sites; loading kit on to a boat, getting fills; worrying about whether your kit is going to be on the boat with you or not etc. Just too much hassle for a holiday, but each to their own. Whether those Red Sea resorts have enough non-diving entertainment or not is entirely down to the individual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McLaddie View Post
    Hi all,
    I am a PADI Open Water Advanced diver with about 120 or so dives. I managed to get 2 of my children qualified as Open Water last year - one is 18, the other is 14. This is great as I now have the excuse to go on diving holidays! So I am looking at going somewhere exotic with warm water to keep their enthusiasm up and not be too technically challenging until they have a bit more experience, and be a treat for me!! I have always quite fancied the Red Sea - not too far to go from the UK. My best dives have been from Liveaboards in Thailand, so the Red Sea could offer similar. However, I am not terribly clear on whether the diving will be too difficult for the children. Ideally they would also get to see more fish than divers in the water!
    I have also thought about the Maldives, again similar questions.
    Does anyone have thoughts on the ideal places for Juniors to get more experience?
    Sorry if this question or similar has been posted a hundred times elsewhere, but Newbies seemed kind of appropriate.
    Depends on your budget and what you want to do on holiday of course (all diving or some diving and other activities or some diving and lots of snoozing with a book on the beach). Maldives might be a little dull unless they like kayaking, sunbathing etc. as there's little to do beyond stay at the resort. Thailand has some nice diving you can do from the shore plus plenty to see inland. Grenada is another place with a good mix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gobfish1 View Post
    my 14 year old is happy as long as her phone works . ie tinternet
    18 year old ,s get the lazy shites out of bed at 7am and doing some thing all day , and come 10.30 and 3/4 drinks its bed time lol
    then the adults can party ,

    the out all night shite is only works if they can sleep in till 3pm the next day ,
    Only 3pm? God, I must be getting old, my hangovers last until about 7pm. Thinking about it when I was in Sharm, I use to be the 1st to get picked up by bus each morning before doing the rounds and after a days diving was the last resort to be dropped off which left very little to relax before heading back into town for dinner.

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