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    French cavediving, a good tryout with my new sidemount ccr (will become bailout ccr)

    I was diving again in France. The plans where quite far in some caves with dpv's, but sadly my buddies who would take the scooters got car problems. So I had to swim. I would take some time to try my new sidemount ccr out in caves, and would have some fun with friends.
    The first dive was in the St. Georges, a cave with most times not the best viz. This time it was around 5m. I have been in with my Inspiration ccr to the 76m , swim some minutes and then turned around. This is around the 1140m point. The cave is shallow, but around 1000m it drops to 75 meters. Total divetime was a little bit over 3 hours.
    Here a picture of the entrance. The rest of the cave was milky and not worth to take pictures (but as always it is a nice cave).

    The next day we went to the Ressel cave. We did just the circuit in the first part of the cave and the jumpline between the 2 tunnels and visited the airbell. Nice to try out the sidemount rebreather and take some pictures.

    Later that day we did Cunhac. One of my favorite caves. It is not a long cave, just 350m, the viz is never the best, but in september or october it can be 10-12m. Sometimes 15m. You have to cross a river. So a nice swim. The cave itself is really beautifull. In this picture you see the river you have to cross and in the back on the oposite of the river is the entrance. The entrance is marked with a tree

    Then it was time for a day open circuit diving. First cave is a sidemount cave, the Marchepied. The entrance is sidemount. The rest of the first sump is not narrow.

    From here you need to walk 20m and then go further in the next sump. The air has really high CO2. We had some gas left to walk over the dry part, but decided to make it easy and turn around.

    After the Marchepied we did the Ressel cave again. This time we went in 'the pit'. Nice try of my new videolight.

    The next day time for the Ressel again, but now with deco and further in the cave. A swim to the first deep T in the cave, 850m. So in totall a 3 hour divetime. First time with 3 bailouts and the sidemount ccr. All works nice, I have tried some bailouts, diluent switches, and during deco I have tried to bring the unit in front of me. Nice dive with lots of fun. After 500m the Ressel is an extremely wide and clear cave. After the first deep T, the tunnels become narrower. But this time due to no dpv no chance to go further. Pity, but the dive makes fun.

    The next day it will be an oc day again. The first dive will be easy sidemount in the wide tunnels of the Cabouy cave.
    The cave is always a little bit milky and best viz is in october as it can be 12-15m.

    After this dive of 75 minutes we went to another cave. For the easiest entrance you need permit. But even then it is quite hard. Easiest is backmount as it is a long walk in a dry part of the cave. Of course you can take more cylinders and make a longer dive, but then it will take a whole day. We decide to make a dive of 1 hour and do it backmount twinset.
    The viz can be good, can be bad. But it is always silty at bottom with perculation on top. This time the viz is worser than in september, but still a 10m. But the further you come in, the better it is. Way out it is good, till only 1m. Current in the cave. The river level is higher than in september, so that will make the current.

    And after a dinner with local made Vin de Noix and a good sleep it is time for Cunhac again. This time with 2 other divers who take scooters to play with. As the cave is not big and we all dive ccr we have time enough to play around and make pictures.

    And the last picture is of the Bial. That is a nice cave, but the entrance is no mount. There is a line from surface, but this time it was again under the gravel. So I had to take my own. Then both cylinders in front and try to get in. It is just 6-7m and then the cave widens, but this time the entrance was more narrow than it was last time I went in. Because of no viz in this part it is not the best part of the cave. After the narrow entrance the viz clears and you can make a nice dive.

    And some pictures of a really nice but small cave in the Doubs/Cote d'Or region in France. I visited this cave this year a couple of times too.

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    Lovely couple of reports there. Cheers

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    What's the cave in the last pics? Only cave I can think of with chain in it is the Douix de Chatillon. Stunning cave, though the choke at the end is rather wobbly when you start squeezing around in it. One of my favourites.

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    �� thanks


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