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    As a lot of guys have said it is all about the instructor not the agency.

    Most of them will teach you the basics as specified within their agency but the better Instructors, those who have the real sidemount and OH experience will really take the course to a whole different level.

    Their insight leads to small refinements in technique and in setting up your harness and even your tanks that will really start to show.
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    I was trained by Garry D so he will always get a recommendation from me..... Garry initially taught the SM distinctive specialty that was introduced by Steve Martin (PADI CD who still teaches SM) PADI then introduced SM into their TecRec range and it lost a lot of the good things that Garry was teaching.... you also had some of the PADI Tec schools jump on board to teach SM, most of whom had no real life experience of diving SM. When Garry switched to RAID he took all that was good from the SM course he had been teaching.

    I guess what i am doing is echoing what others have said.... dont get stuck on the agency go for the instructor!!

    Other instructors you could chat to in your local area are:-
    Duncan Mort of H2O in Hindley ( Duncan is a RAID and PADI instructor not sure which SM course he teaches)
    Mick Turner or Reefers and Wreckers Clitheroe... Think they are just PADI

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