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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulo View Post
    Just leave them in a sink to drain
    I live in flat share so I can't be clogging up the sink in any communal rooms. My room however does have a compact en-suite with shower cubicle and sink. The sink however is tiny, hence why I was looking to use the shower.
    Why is it that with everything in life I always find a more difficult way of doing it (and not intentionally)

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelemonkey View Post
    I learnt that using a coat hanger through the neck causes a latex seal to stretch and deform. I now hang my suit upside down with one of those hangers that grips the feet.
    Membrane ok, neoprene not so good.

    A neoprene suit can easily double in weight when wet and with many suits the boots are stuck not sewn.
    Using boot hangers can (depends on the suit of course) make the glue de-laminate. -

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