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Thread: Buscopan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Digger View Post
    The problem with multiple drug administration is that the potential problems occur with exponential frequency. It can take decades for significant interactions to become obvious. That said I have done this and found it useful.
    BUT extreme caution is needed, please please check your susceptibility to drowsiness and any othe effects by taking the tablets before diving. You do NOT want a new drug interaction underwater.
    I was only thinking of fishing trips, not diving.
    If God had meant us to breathe underwater, he would have given us larger bank balances.
    Human beings were invented by water as a means of moving itself from one place to another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelemonkey View Post
    I was only thinking of fishing trips, not diving.
    Oh! Going to sleep essential then.
    Evolution is great at solving problems. It's the methods that concern me.
    Tim Digger

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