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Thread: logging dive

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    Quote Originally Posted by thistlediver View Post
    He began his open water diving in January 1971, in a wetsuit in fresh water naturally, and had logged his 500 dives by August 1975. All in UK waters, his first overseas excursion was to the Red Sea in 1977 at the invitation of Jerry Hazzard as a reward for the work he had put into the Coaching scheme, along with a few others i hasten to add.
    Full details of his life in diving will be available in the biography I am currently engaged on writing, hope to see it published early next year.

    Was hinting at the tablets ....

    I look forward to the book being published. Reg Vallentines was brilliant . Love reading about early divers .

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    I did my first open water dive in a wetsuit (home-made!) in February 1965. I used to log my dives assiduously but my logbooks (in my briefcase) were stolen from my car in 1971 when I had over 700 dives logged. After that, I rarely bothered to log any dives for many years. These days, I only tend to record those of particular interest, mainly overseas dives with pretty logbook stamps.

    What records I have from the early days, I don't like to look at very often. Too many make scary reading - like 40+ M with a single cylinder of roughly 9.5l in today's terms, the Markgraf on a single 9l etc. By the time I was doing 60m (on air!) I had moved on to a twinset, manifolded, single valve, no AAS. Diving like that would be considered almost suicidal these days. That was all we had at the time and we regularly did things like that. What was surprising was that I can't recall me or any of my buddies having a serious incident. There but for the grace of God...

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