Are you looking for better diving confidence, stability and control? Do you want to improve your buoyancy, trim and propulsion? Or do you just want to be safer diver and better buddy?

Then come to the Discover GUE diving pool night at Divemaster Scuba

Any configuration, agency or training level welcome
15 per diver (including pool entry and any equipment hire)
Equipment and skills Workshop and a demonstration dive
Video Feedback and debrief on your own skills
Single and double tank GUE equipment configurations available to use
Book via the Divemaster shop

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Global Underwater Explorers emerged out of a shared desire to safely explore and protect the underwater world and to improve the quality of education and research in all things aquatic. From divers and educators to explorers and scientists, GUE is a global team that brings together proficient, knowledgeable, and accomplished underwater enthusiasts. Our renowned recreational and technical diver training programme is demanding, but it prepares you to be more confident and have more fun no matter what your diving goals.

Meet at Divemaster Scuba, Nottingham 18.30

History and overview of GUE including the importance of team diving in increasing safety and enjoyment
What is good trim and buoyancy control and why it is important and how to achieve it
Importance of propulsion techniques, introduction of the frog & back kick

Move to Swimming pool 20.00
GUE equipment configuration overview
Demonstration and team practice of buoyancy control, trim and frog kick & back kick.
Demonstration of long hose gas sharing
Demonstration only of full GUE Valve drill
Demonstration of SMB deployment with optional student SMB deployment

Drop me a line directly if you have additional questions.