I wrote this on the 2 December and since then there has been another unit go up in flames. Nothing left of it in a matter of seconds. Classic Inspiration with a suspected high interstage pressure on the first stage.

"Just a gentle reminder to al of you CCR divers out there.

One of my former students has had an O2 fire in her unit. Not that it matters but to save all of the questions it was an AP Evolution. She turned on the O2 nice and slow as normal and within seconds it was on fire.

The unit was very quickly put into the water, they reckon about 30 seconds. Within that time there wasn't much left of it. It was really burned, the heat must have been so intense, all of the unit is barely recognisable. There is nothing left to salvage.

The thing that sticks in my mind is that if she had been wearing it when she turned on the O2 then there would have been a very sad outcome indeed.

From now I no longer turn on the O2 whilst I'm wearing a rebreather. I would advise everyone else to do the same."

Please please remember to turn your O2 on before you put the unit on.