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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Digger View Post
    Yes but I bet it was on 1 bar O2 on a rebreather not OC 32% which may be "less effective". Be interested in the ref.
    More likely 70% than 1 bar O2, Tim. But the point is the same. Not seen many go onto O2 unless they feel bent. Personally I stop on the 70% ~5 mins after surfacing - just the pick-up, get out and doff time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JonG View Post
    I am returning to diving after a long lay off, in short I dived on and off from 5 yrs old (with my dad!) through to the age of 28 when a PFO bent me a couple of times, skin and neurological (visual disturbance). At the time we were doing air at around 50m with deco on 50%.

    Naturally I gave up, but several years later got the PFO closed and have done a handful of dives since without issue.

    Now though I have booked a trip to the Red Sea, a week long live aboard, 3 day dives and 1 night dive. I will be using nitrox on a nitrox computer and pretty much diving NDL and just weighing up whether to also book a deco stage to improve off gassing given the multi dive/multi day profiles.

    Will be hydrating well, not drinking and resting up in between but obviously don't want to create any additional risk and happy to pay for a rich mix, but not sure if it would be necessary given the profiles (circa 30-40m max).

    I stay on top of fitness and weight and am researching latest theory like the NEDU/deep stop stuff but just want to be safe.
    Hi JonG

    I had my PFO fixed in early in 2014 after similar skin bends and visual disturbances, I have completed over 150 dives since then around the world with no recurrences whatsoever. However, for my own piece of mind I do the following:
    - use nitrox 32% whenever possible
    - hydrate well, all day and evening
    - have an afternoon off in a week of diving and a day off if doing 10 days (I.e. Two live aboards back to back)
    - set my Suunto to P1 I.e slightly more conservative
    - have nice long stops and very slow ascents to the surface (very important to me)

    Generally I don't deco dive and I don't think you will be allowed in Egypt on a recreational dive trip.

    The only issue I've had since my PFO fixed has been an ear infection from our check dive in Maldives near Male when I forgot the ear spray.

    Enjoy your dives, monitor your own diving, stay within the limits you are happy with, listen to what your body tells you and you'll be fine.

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