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    Ocean Diver and Computers

    Quote Originally Posted by Ian_6301 View Post

    Dive planning is now about min gas (1200L or 100bar in a single 12L from 30m, or 80 bar from 18m and above). Subtract 80 bar from your start pressure, choose your gas planning model (all in, halves or thirds) and then work backwards to available time based on bar/min SAC. SAC of 2 bar/min at surface is 5 bar/min at 15m. 230 bar fill? 150 bar useable gas. That's 30 mins all in, or turn at 15min/155bar for halves or 10 min/180bar for thirds. Super frickin simple.
    Not simple at all. What is simple is "at 50bar, go up". Reset your scale of what is simple for others, not yourself.

    Diving is not about calculating pressure groups, staring at tables full of numbers, or SAC and litres per minute.

    It's is about looking at the pretty fishes.

    Put a computer on and go in. Stay within the NDL it tells you. If it stops working, come up. At 50 bar, come up.

    Yes all divers should use computers and be taught what the big number means.

    If they want to go further than this, that's their choice. But should not feel pressured to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit of Guernsey View Post
    Still not sure what the official answer is.
    Well, someone who was involved in reviewing and updating the OD course recently already responded on the thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by Janos View Post
    Computers are absolutely fine at ocean diver level. Especially if they have one already.


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