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    Quote Originally Posted by graham_hk View Post
    Seems you are suggesting that its not wise to plan and or track gas because new students have elevated breathing rates ... Surely this is the best time to plan and to track breathing/gas so that they don't end up with not enough to reach the surface.
    You might want to read the above few posts again as that's the exact opposite of what I was

    My point was entirely about accurately tracking gas at every stage and not to be reliant on
    some arbitrary figure made up from normal + a bit, just because they are students.

    Based on my nearly 20 years as an instructor I would say anything that reduces stress would be a positive and not worrying about running out of gas would make them safer and more importantly enjoy the dive more and likely to continue. The generally pathetic retention rate of new divers by the industry shows that the standard swim around till red (50b) and go up isn't doing it for most new divers - perhaps a rethink might help??
    Based on my nearly 20 years as an Instructor I agree with you and it seems you do too
    Quoting 50bar limit is no different then quoting 20lpm, both are artificial numbers that might
    be sufficient, but for some dives/divers might not and knowing if those numbers are right for
    real on that dive would make dives in general much safer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tel View Post
    You might want to read the above few posts again .
    Read something properly on a forum ... are you mad?

    Don't focus on them there numbers but rather on the concept. Plan to have enough for two people to conduct a normal ascent at a realistic ascent rate, estimate breathing rate, track consumption and adjust as necessary (there you go Janos - one sentence). Once you get practised you will know how much gas you have and how much you need - the next level is team mates gas and then after that students
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