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    Quote Originally Posted by turnerjd View Post
    Who cares?

    I managed to insult the TDF massive by calling you all autistic and nobody noticed........
    No insult to me, I accept that there is no such thing as normal, the little green unicorn who lives next door to the red dragon at the bottom of my garden explained it all to me.
    If God had meant us to breathe underwater, he would have given us larger bank balances.
    Human beings were invented by water as a means of moving itself from one place to another.

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    I have a personal problem with anyone in the least bit frightened of water taking up diveing as a sport.

    Diving is a safe sport but many many people die due to irrational actions as a direct result of panic

    I witnessed the death of a diver who panicked, spat out her reg and bolted for the surface refusing all assistance from 30m simply because she saw her gas was well into the red??

    I love diveing and I think its a great shame everyone cant experience the feeling of tranquillity I feel underwater but too many times I have seen people who I just knew shouldn't be in the water, end up in a bad state or dead.

    The last fatality I was on the boat for was a diver I had seen use any minor excuse NOT to dive on a previous dive trip (a trate with people about to quit diveing as thy have lost their Mojo) and somone I knew had not been in the water for ages. I said nothing and I did nothing and he died on the first dive of the trip.

    I simply don't understand why such a person would choose diveing as a hobby.

    Its supposed to be fun

    Diveing in a swimming pool in a highly controlled and well supported environment as therapy to overcome a feer o water would be the maximum id personaly be prepaired to support

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