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I teach this, however it's not as straight forward as you think. With your mask do you have the reg that fit's the 'P" port? if not then it's a really good option to conside. Also the FFM doesn't work that good without the R pod. That is a bite piece rather than a nasal cup.

Personally I think that the Kirby Morgan MK48 is a better option as when you bail out as you don't loose your mask as well.
I dived the KM48 mod1 and the nova. I Prefer the Nova . Much more comfortable and better view. I had the p ported shrimp with the bite piece and a apeks 1st stage in the second p port on the side. Worked nice .

I never bothered taking a class, played with it a few dives: you can easily unplug the p ports under water, then Flood your mask, clear it again. Take it of and put it on under water....just play with it in the shallows a few times . I also putted a p port on my other BO so I could swap if I wanted to.
Have fun with it.

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