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    Quote Originally Posted by Wibs View Post
    But they're ideal for recreational depths & limits.

    E.g. 30 metres on 32% for 30 mins means you'd need
    16SAC x 4 ata x 30 mins = 1920 litres (for the bottom section).

    Twin 7's would give you:
    270 bar (practical 300 bar fill) x 14 litres = 3780 litres of gas or more if you can get a full 300 bar fill

    Whereas a single 15 litre cylinder gives you
    230 bar x 15 = 3450 litres

    Or a single 12 gives
    230 bar x 12 = 2760 litres (which is too small for a full 30 mins on the bottom with any reserve)

    So twin 7s give you redundancy, they're more dense so you need less weight, they're streamlined... perfect for diving off a RIB to recreational levels.
    I love my twin7s they are as you say a step up in redundancy from a 15 and a pony. Thats why i bought them for my lad when he was 15 yo and clamwering for a 15+3L.

    Aiming for 12 channel crossings - 10 down 2 to go

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