I had two VR3s and did my longest and deepest dives on them

In its day a great bit of dive kit and owned by prety much every serious diver out there

Id do a 100m dive on a VR3 tomorow no probelm

ONLY down side with the VR3s in their day was TOO MUCH deco

Far from being the bend macheens every one said they were I found they kept me in the water longer than GF 20/80 on my Hammer head

Several of the lads in Delta were still using VR3s as back up last year

WOuld i sugest buying one in 2016? No not unless you needed a very very cheep but functional trimix CCR computer

Do they deserve their reputation? No i dont think so. The early units were fragile but the later ones (I had v 3. somethings as well) were solid as a rock

Did the switches fail? Yes if you never took them apart and lubed them up

IF you can afford 350+ for a second hand Sheerwater then defo get one.

If you think 350 is an insermountable sum, then a VR3 will do just fine