This text is intended to convey what it feels like to be a member of the Dive Forum in plain language and is intended to help members understand how they should behave. Every effort has been made to create harmony between this text and the Terms of Service but in any dispute, the Terms of Service take precedence.


Overall the Diving parts of the forum will have the feel of the back of a dive boat. There will be light-hearted banter, serious discussions about diving and diving practices, but always about having a good time and getting the most enjoyment from diving.

The Dive Forum is a diving oriented forum, primarily aimed at adults, to have banter, share experiences and generally talk lobbox.

The non-Diving parts will be more like the trip back, people helping each other, more light-hearted banter and, when having a pint in the evening, more of a concentration on having a laugh with, perhaps, slightly more robust banter.

The posts will often be "Edgy" and Irreverent
Images, videos posted on or linked to the site are Safe For Work, though some text may not be. It is recognised that some posts may link to NSFW material but if VERY clearly marked and not too offensive, may well stand. There will be a zero tolerance towards nudity, though.
Some profanity will be permitted but excessive profanity won't.
Mean-spiritedness will not be allowed – either to The Dive Forum members or other parts of the wider Diving Community

The Dive Forum will display some paid advertisements that help towards the running costs of the site.

Advertising conveys no special privileges – all advertisers are covered by the same T&Cs as all other members. Unfair criticism of any Industry Supplier, whether an Advertiser or not, is discouraged. Factual, first hand critique is encouraged.

Members may promote their own services discretely in their signature and may have a posting in the “What the Member can Offer” forum.

Diving Fora

The Diving Fora will:

· Be Safety oriented
· Be environmentally aware
· Be multi agency
· Recognise and encourage different approaches to diving
· Have a mentoring/coaching tone
· Allow all diving topics to be discussed / debated
· Recognise all levels of diving ability and ambition

Incident Forum

It is a sad fact that many divers die each year and whilst wishing that this were zero, The Dive Forum recognises that sometimes there is benefit in discussing aspects of incidents, be they near-misses or fatalities. What The Dive Forum does not want to encourage is any form of speculation or accusation nor does it wish to provide an easy access to information for the press to use or for relatives to read things about their loved ones, inappropriately.

As a consequence, the ability to see posts in the Incidents Forum is limited till members have at least several posts to their name. New threads will be moderated before being made available for wider viewing. It is permissible to post facts, it is not permissible to speculate e.g.:

· Posting that a Diver had an incident is fine
· Posting that the Diver was diving on air is fine
· Posting that the Diver should have been on Nitrox is *not* fine.
· Posting a new separate thread in the regular forums discussing the benefits and disbenefits of Nitrox and air is fine ... so long as no association is made to the incident.

Selling on The Dive Forum

Selling equipment is encouraged on The Dive Forum and has a forum dedicated for this purpose. Please post adverts in that forum only.

The Dive Forum does not mind if the member posts an item for sale as their first post.

Posts advertising gear will probably sell most quickly if they contain a good description of the item, a recent photograph of the actual item, its approximate location and the asking price. It would be expected that the first person that offers the asking price and posts to that effect, in the thread, gets the item.

If a person posts an advert that is considered to charge a price much higher than the norm, considering age and condition, another member may post, pointing out to the Original poster that their price is significantly out of line with the general market rate. The OP may then defend the price e.g. the exceptional condition of the item, or some addition value that was not obvious.

Such clarifications should take no more than a couple of posts and it would not be expected that any more members need to post on the topic of the price. If a dispute arises then the post should be reported and the Moderators will resolve the situation.

A dim view, will be taken of any underhand activity – we are wanting to create a trusting and trusted community, but please be aware - at all times, Caveat Emptor – The Dive Forum plays no part in the purchasing transaction itself, so both parties must satisfy themselves as to the quality of the item, the delivery charge and time, the method of payment and the reliability of the other party to uphold their end of the bargain.


Fund-raising will be a key part of the Forum’s DNA, be it for “diver favoured” charities like the RNLI or Scubatrust or some others, The Dive Forum would like to be known for doing good things for those charities. Fun events will be arranged to boost funds for the member chosen charities.

The site will be "inclusive". Extreme views on matters of race, religion, gender and sexual orientation will be disallowed. It is recognised that in such topics there can be a lot of humour and more leniency will be shown towards genuinely funny posts! Nastiness dressed up as a joke won't get the same leniency.

Everyone is not required to like everyone else but they are required to behave respectfully toward one another.

Criticisms and comments must be kept factual or expressions of personal opinion and "labeled" accordingly.