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Thread: Cylinders..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTS View Post
    Exactly what you imagine it to be...

    Seems they have gone all sci fi nowadays..

    Looks horrific !!! Claustophobia wouldnt be great on a sub anyway but that would freak me out and I dont even suffer. Going to check this out on the net now as really want to know more about the escape routine.....not knowing anything it looks rather slow, take a while to get a number of crew off. Thanks for the vid though , fab.

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    Most commercial oxygen cylinders have a 1" taper thread, most diving cylinders have an M25x2 metric thread.

    It will take whatever pressure it is rated too, the wall thickness will be whatever is needed to be safe at its pressure range.

    It won't be galvanised, so will rust faster than cheap Chinese D rings.

    You can get it grit blasted, galvanised and painted.

    The valve will be the biggest problem, the oxygen valve won't be of much use, so you'll need to get a bullnose one to use it for a bank cylinder of some kind.

    Personally I wouldn't bother, even though I can get it grit blasted, galvanised & painted and then test it myself, not worth the time and money. Unless it is M25 then it may all be worth it, just.
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