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I am more than a little surprised that some of the contents of my *private* message to you have been reproduced here.

Had you portrayed yourself as a private individual with a real name, my approach would have been different for sure, but you still sign yourself "like a company" and your website still looks like a company website - if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck etc. ... I have an amount of time to make an assessment and as I told you in the pm, I do make mistakes. Even having looked again at the site I still come to the same conclusion and it is only the testaments of people, who are prepared to be more open about their identity, who have vouched for you, that means I am prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt.
ok fella - not sure what it takes to convince you ... spent a year developing my website to teach myself web development, appears as if I have succeeded then doesn't it - obviously a little better than the average amateur ? Quack !!

As for using my own name ? this is the internet - you have all my details ... how many people on this site use their own name ?

Buddy I appreciate you made a mistake, we all do - if you listen to my wife I make them all the time, and as somebody further up the thread said you guys have done a good job of keeping things spam free which is no mean feat - the issue I have was the approach as explained to you in the PM. A simple PM could have resolved all this, this is why I 'divulged' parts of your PM - feels awful doesn't it.

So we go back to being mature adults, put our handbags away and look forward to work next week.