Update on progress here in Plymouth.

Although the year has been truly awful weather wise, we have had probably the best year yet for discoveries.
This year we have found four new areas of wreckage that have not been seen in 300 years. And it's quite amazing to come across parts of the wreck that were last in human hands the night she sank.
We found an area covered in musket balls, which I proceeded to count, and in one gulley alone there was over 1000! Along with gun aprons and rolls of lead.
Then another area yielded a cannon, two sounding leads, and a handle from a copper kettle

Then pushing on, we found two huge gullies of cannon balls, intermixed with other tools and items we are yet to properly log and identify.
We also found an intact sheve wheel in wonderful lignum vitae wood. (Currently residing in my downstairs toilet!)

More interesting than all of this is that it is beginning to shed light on what happened to her, and is pointing toward a major find.
Can't say why at the moment, but the evidence shows a pattern that indicates we could be close to serious artefact areas.
It's funny, because many academics said the site was dived out, and nothing of worth would be found.

Also on a personal note, I was invited to dive The London in the Thames, which was amazing for many reasons, and am now going to be a regular visitor with the team doing amazing work there. (Read all about it in scuba soon!)

So busy busy busy!

I think 2013 will be rather special! Maybe a year to remember !