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  1. Wreck Diving Expedition Thailand, Tottori Maru, Seacrest, Feb 2020

    Bruce Konefe has chartered a converted fishing boat to run out to the Sea Crest and Tottori Maru wrecks in the Gulf of Thailand.
    Departing 21/02/20, dive 22/23/24/25 return 26/02/20. We have some...
  2. Check out the latest articles on SEA Explorers...

    Check out the latest articles on SEA Explorers Club blog from Tech Instructor Trainer Tim Lawrence . The history and search for the IJN Akita are recounted in part 1 and 2 of Tims' journal....
  3. 5 Must-Dive Wrecks in Thailand for Technical Divers

    Read a transcript of the latest article written by Davy Jones Locker owner Tim Lawrence for the PADI Blog
    29 September, 2019
    Guest Blog Written by Tim Lawrence.

    For some, diving vibrant coral...
  4. Davy Jones Locker, Koh Tao now CCR friendly

    Davy Jones Locker, Koh Tao are please to announce that they are now a CCR friendly dive centre.
    Facilities include;

    CCR work stations with fully equipped tools available
    Sorb fills
    O2 and He...
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