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    Diving Bonaire’s Surf Paradise

    The wind is down on Bonaire and the kite surfers have hung up their boards to wait for the wind to return. In this episode, we take advantage of the break in the wind to dive this amazing spot. Come...
  2. thank you. Yes they do.

    thank you. Yes they do.
  3. Going Down on Bonaire's Hooker (new wreck diving video)

    One of the most famous, and dove, wrecks of the Caribbean, the Hilma Hooker, sank on the island of Bonaire in 1984. Learn about its history and come with us to see the first film of it at night. Few...
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    New video: A Dive Week On Bonaire

    Wrecks, a massive 19th century Rodgers anchor, huge schools of Bigeye Scad; Bogas; silversides; and creole wrasse. Also, you will experience a massive elkhorn coral, a pregnant scrawled filefish, and...
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    Hello from Bonaire

    Hello! I am, obviously, new to the Dive Forum. I live in Bonaire and have a YouTube channel called A Diver's Life.

    I have over 30 years of diving experience. I am a divemaster and self-taught...
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