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Egypt in Crisis

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El Gouna has remained unaffected by the recent events apart from the departure of many nationalities of tourists due to the advice of their countries. Despite that the full time residents of those countries with travel warnings have remained in El Gouna.

We have always had private security in town and no police, and even when the whole country was quiet, security was always tight entering the town. Orascom like to do all maintenance and renovations on private properties themselves so stop any outside workmen. I even got stopped once trying to bring in some planks of wood to build something for my cats! They also check all buses leaving and entering town.

No-one knows what is going to happen in Egypt so all I can do is advise how the situation is currently in El Gouna. Even if the Brits are advised to leave, most of my friends who live here are remaining.

Yesterday afternoon under the hot sun, Tamr Henna Square was very quiet but during some evenings they have a stage and traditional dance show and the area is full of Egyptian families and the remaining tourists.

I then went for my usual swim in the lagoon but later than usual and swam under a beautiful full moon.

Today off out on a friend's boat. She is half Egyptian and half Austrian and will drive the boat. A Swiss girlfriend is also joining us.

Better get the sandwiches made!!!
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  1. Georgina's Avatar
    Photos of the boat trip. So good we did it twice