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Mark Powell

Weymouth/Portland Wreck Week - Max 35m - 12th-16th Aug

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Would you like to find out more about wreck diving?
Would you like to dive on some of the most historically interesting wrecks in the world?
Would you like to be able to identify different areas of a wreck?
Are you interested in the history of wrecks?
Would you just like to go diving?
Would you like to find other people to go diving with?
Has most of your sea diving been blown out so far?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then the Weymouth/Portland wreck week is ideal for you.

In conjunction with Scimitar Diving I am arranging a week of wreck diving which will include;
- 2 Wreck dives a day
- Talks on wreck layout, history and identification
- Full briefings on the history of each wreck
- Lunch on board the boat

The week will run from Mon 12th Aug to Fri 16th Aug.

The diving this week will be between 10m and 35m and so is aimed at recreational divers. Single cylinder recreational divers are welcome, as are divers who are new to diving or new to UK diving or who have not dived very much recently.

If you would like to come along on this trip then you can book directly with Scimitar Diving

Although the focus will just be on diving I will be running a number of courses this week for anyone who does want to expand their diving knowledge. I will be running;
- SDI Wreck Diver
- SDI Advanced Bouyancy
- SDI CPR, First Aid and Oxygen Administrator
- SDI Solo diver
- TDI Intro to Tech

If you want to book any of these courses then just contact me.
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