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It's just sods law that as soon you have the money to buy your next piece of equipment it becomes unavailable, well what you wanted anyway.

I decided last week, after months of reading reviews, asking friends for advice and "trying ons" to buy my new (and first!) BCD. And after the final last minute debate of the Scubapro Bella vs. Scubapro Equator, done in the timeless way of a pros/cons list, I settled on the Bella. Which is fine and not the issue in this story and I had no problems when I was purchasing the item at 7pm on Thursday night.

My troubles then started when I received a call off Robin Hood Watersports the next day informing me that they didn't have BCD I wanted in stock, they had the next size up or the next size down but not the size I needed. Fair enough, items go out of stock all the time and if I had to wait a few weeks for it that's OK too. However, I wasn't ready for the words "Scubapro don't make them anymore". What? "The blue ones, they only come in pink now".

Now I'm not someone who insists that every piece of scuba equipment must must must match, and I understand that it's not how it looks but if it works.I just have a personal vendetta against the colour pink. I have no idea why, I've always hated the colour and the whole 'girly girl' tag that comes with it - that's just me.

Most scuba products have the option of various different colours, and this extends to female ones too. A notable product being the Aqualung Pearl with the range of black, blue and pink. This is fine, it keeps everyone happy and gives you that choice. Other products may only come in one colour but their female range isn't restricted, for example I'm thinking of the Waterproof W2 suits with the 5mm being yellow and the 7mm purple. At least it gives you that choice.

Back to the story. After declining the option of the pink Bella, I hopped on my computer and fired off an e-mail to Aquanauts in Plymouth. I thought if anyone would have one in stock it would be these guys, alas when I received a wonderfully helpful e-mail back from Noeleen I was disappointed again as they didn't stock my size. However, it was full of useful information including a recommendation for the Scubapro Equator, with it apparently being the most popular jacket for women they sell. Glad to see I wasn't far off the mark.

So, next I just went for it and opened every scuba store I had bookmarked and fired off e-mails left, right and centre in search of this now 'rare' Bella Blue Medium BCD. The only reply I've had so far was another dud as they only had a small left.

I understand that some women (and men) love the colour pink, and were probably chuffed when they brought the Bella out in pink. It's just a shame Scubapro didn't keep it in the Navy for the rest of us. So for now, I'm just sat by my e-mail inbox waiting for that one golden e-mail that going to give me the answer I want.

It's a hard life being average sized.
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