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All About El Gouna, Red Sea Coast, Egypt

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First time for me in a microlight and I was very nervous but a wonderful experience!! A rare rain shower overnight had left all the sand damp and cloggy so after the pre-flight checks and the microlight moved to the compacted sand runway they had to remove all the clumps from the wheels so they wouldn't fly back into the propellor! The rain had also left turbulant weather and whereas normally the wind comes from the north it was moving from west to south and the wind sock going up and down. They warned me about this so my thighs and knees are tucked under the pilots arm pits and gripping like a python. Surprising how quickly the craft took off and ascended. We kept over the sea, I'm assuming because of the weather though it felt very smooth but I could feel the pressure on the bar the pilot was holding. The flight lasted about 20 minutes and with a height of 80 metres. Coming into land was a bit scary but he landed perfectly and I had a grin on my face for the rest of the day

The bottom left corner are the private 'white' villas and behind is the golf course and Steigenberger Hotel. Beyond are the golf area apartments and villas. The El Gouna mosque is at the back surrounded by trees and close to the mountain is the farm where they have turkeys, ducks, chickens, dates, jojoba, olives, etc. and also the recycling plant. To the right at the back, the blue tower is the Berlin Technical Universitat, with the American University in Cairo and El Gouna Internation School infront. The white buildings on a hill in the distance to the right is a project called Ancient Sands where there will also be a new golf course. Infront to the right is the Moevenpick Hotel and Emperor Divers with the grey roof.

More white villas below and Abydos Marina where most of the dive boats depart. The wooden boat used to belong to Hitler and has been under restoration for years.

Below shows the Moevenpick extension along the beach with the Hill Villa area behind. The bars, shops and restaurants in Downtown El Gouna are behind this.

I zoomed in over the Sheraton Miramar Resort to capture my apartment but completely missed it! Private villas and apartments behind around the lagoons.

This is the jetty at Zeytuna Beach which is to the left of the Sheraton. The reef is not so good unless you are completely new to snorkelling.

Sheraton with the protected mangrove infront on the sand bank and then the Three Corners Ocean View hotel on the tip at the entrance to Abu Tig Marina.

This is the new north basin to Abu Tig Marina.

A backward shot to see the propellor!

Below is the protected mangrove area. Along the sea front are all the kite surfing stations and behind are private villas they are just being completed so this is a new area for construction. Further along the beach out of shot is the exclusive Maison Bleue hotel and another hotel under construction which I think is the Four Seasons Hotel. And then the landing strip beyond that!

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