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Mark Powell

SDI/TDI Instructor cross over at NDAC on 21st/22nd Feb

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I have an SDI/TDI crossover course running at NDAC on 21st/22nd Feb.

The SDI crossover course is open to any recreational instructor. However, the TDI course is only open to those that meet the prerequisites. You would need to be a tech instructor with a TDI recognised agency, i.e. IANTD, NAUI or GUE. In addition you can only cross over to a TDI Instructor level if you meet the prerequisites for each level.

This includes;
- Online crossover course
- 2 day cross over course
- Full set of SDI/TDI Instructor manuals
- SDI/TDI Standards and Procedures
- Full set of student materials for the courses you can teach
- 2013 SDI/TDI Instructor registration

For the SDI crossover you will only need to do the 21st which will be classroom based. If you want to do the TDI crossover you will need to do both days with 21st being in the classroom and then 22nd being an evaluation of skills and teaching techniques.

If you are interested in the crossover then let me know. If you cannot make these dates then we will be running others over the next few months.
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