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  1. Best Scuba Liveaboards in Asia

    Asia is arguably home to the best diving destinations the world has to offer. To experience this diving mecca in the best way ever, a liveaboard trip is the way to go.

    Liveaboard trips in Asia are known for their world-class facilities and meals, comfortable and spacious cabins, excellent service, and of course, the opportunity to experience some of the worldís most stunning locations. So, yes Ė it's not really surprising why a lot of people are looking for [URL="https://www.vesselfinder.com/news/14702-5-Tips-to-Help-You-Find-a-Scuba-Liveaboard"]tips ...
  2. Pictures

    [QUOTE=Jen - Winged Blob;377839]What have we unleashed?! :D[/QUOTE]
    Indeed :rofl:
  3. Lost BSAC Dive Log

    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkesbaynz View Post
    Resolution. My Dive Log has been found.

    Phoned our hotel in Kuala Lumpur which we used enroute to Bali. They had not responded to an email. They found the divelog. Then my wife remembered she had put it in the drawer next to her bed with some magazines. Why she took it out of the bag I really do not understand as there is certainly no diving in KL (the air viz is bad enough). She had sworn blind that she had checked the room (I was carting bags and paying bills).

  4. Bit of HR advice....

    Quote Originally Posted by Foggy View Post
    My solicitors take on recording meetings in the UK.

    You can make a covert recording of any meeting you attend as an 'aide memoir' - you were there, you were a party to all that was said.

    You cannot share that recording with anyone without the consent of the other party/s. Without their permission it is inadmissible in a court / tribunal.

    You can make notes / transcribe the recording and share that.
  5. Lundy Island

    Quote Originally Posted by BenL View Post
    Looking back, there are many things in life one might regret. Right up there for me is my reluctance to join a dive club. Iíve all the excuses Ė too far away from the sea, young family, donít want to dive in all but optimal conditions, blah-blah. I freely admit Iím a bit of an opportunist. A dive tart, if you will. Itís OK. Iím comfortable with that. To be honest, my diving needs to be on my terms or, rather, the terms dictated by my circumstance. Iíve managed to tag along with others on organised

    Updated 09-06-2014 at 01:41 AM by BenL

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