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  1. Weymouth/Portland Wreck Week - Max 35m - 12th-16th Aug

    Would you like to find out more about wreck diving?
    Would you like to dive on some of the most historically interesting wrecks in the world?
    Would you like to be able to identify different areas of a wreck?
    Are you interested in the history of wrecks?
    Would you just like to go diving?
    Would you like to find other people to go diving with?
    Has most of your sea diving been blown out so far?

    If the answer to any of these questions is yes then ...
  2. Plymouth Scuba Solstice 2013

    If it's a solstice dive, do we have to dress like hippies??!!!
  3. Rose Tint My World

    It's just sods law that as soon you have the money to buy your next piece of equipment it becomes unavailable, well what you wanted anyway.

    I decided last week, after months of reading reviews, asking friends for advice and "trying ons" to buy my new (and first!) BCD. And after the final last minute debate of the Scubapro Bella vs. Scubapro Equator, done in the timeless way of a pros/cons list, I settled on the Bella. Which is fine and not the issue in this story and I had ...
  4. Best of Maldives itinerary on MY Anastasia March 2013 with Scuba Travel by Tom Battel

    Thanks for your understanding.
    I am here to protect the traffic on TDF, not drive it away to another Dive forum/website. Of course we don't mind the odd one, but we weren't talking about the odd one Eddie were we..
    My decision is final.[/QUOTE]

  5. All About El Gouna, Red Sea Coast, Egypt

    Quote Originally Posted by Georgina View Post
    Here is a ten minute video of the microlight flight over El Gouna:

    Updated 25-02-2013 at 01:45 PM by Wilbo

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