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  1. All About El Gouna, Red Sea Coast, Egypt

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    First time for me in a microlight and I was very nervous but a wonderful experience!! A rare rain shower overnight had left all the sand damp and cloggy so after the pre-flight checks and the microlight moved to the compacted sand runway they had to remove all the clumps from the wheels so they wouldn't fly back into the propellor! The rain had also left turbulant weather and whereas normally the wind comes from the north it was moving from west to south and the wind sock going up and down.
  2. SDI/TDI Instructor cross over at NDAC on 21st/22nd Feb

    I have an SDI/TDI crossover course running at NDAC on 21st/22nd Feb.

    The SDI crossover course is open to any recreational instructor. However, the TDI course is only open to those that meet the prerequisites. You would need to be a tech instructor with a TDI recognised agency, i.e. IANTD, NAUI or GUE. In addition you can only cross over to a TDI Instructor level if you meet the prerequisites for each level.

    This includes;
    - Online crossover course
    - 2 ...
  3. test blog

    Just testing a tweak or two to the Blog settings.

    images should appear via use of the image button on the toolbar ..


    load using these options:


    Unticking the 'retrieve remote file and reference locally'
  4. Egypt tips

    Egypt - not just for diving!!

    The White Desert (my friend Vanessa modelling her souvenier from Egypt before she returned to Australia)

    Ancient Temples

    Karnak Temple by Georgina C, on Flickr

    The River Nile

    West ...

    Updated 15-01-2013 at 08:19 PM by Wilbo (putting in some piccies.. :))

  5. 5 Minute Neuro Exam

    A reminder about the 5 Minute Neuro Exam is always useful.

    If you are ever in the situation where you suspect someone may have a bend then the 5 minute neuro exam is designed to spot any potential problems and also take a baseline of thier condition should they need treatment.

    Information regarding the injured diver's neurological status will be useful to the chamber in not only deciding the initial course of treatment but also in the effectiveness of treatment. ...
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