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Mark Powell

  1. Weymouth/Portland Wreck Week - Max 35m - 12th-16th Aug

    Would you like to find out more about wreck diving?
    Would you like to dive on some of the most historically interesting wrecks in the world?
    Would you like to be able to identify different areas of a wreck?
    Are you interested in the history of wrecks?
    Would you just like to go diving?
    Would you like to find other people to go diving with?
    Has most of your sea diving been blown out so far?

    If the answer to any of these questions is yes then ...
  2. TDI/SDI Wreck Weeks 2013

    I will be running my wreck weeks again in 2013. These have proved to be incredibly popular over the last few years. The idea of the wreck week is to get out and do some great wreck diving. They are ideal if you don't have a regular dive buddy or dive group and want to dive with some like minded divers. These weeks are also ideal if you have recently done a course and now want to do some diving in the ranges you are newly qualified for. They are also ideal if you just want to get out and do some ...
  3. SDI/TDI Instructor cross over at NDAC on 21st/22nd Feb

    I have an SDI/TDI crossover course running at NDAC on 21st/22nd Feb.

    The SDI crossover course is open to any recreational instructor. However, the TDI course is only open to those that meet the prerequisites. You would need to be a tech instructor with a TDI recognised agency, i.e. IANTD, NAUI or GUE. In addition you can only cross over to a TDI Instructor level if you meet the prerequisites for each level.

    This includes;
    - Online crossover course
    - 2 ...
  4. 5 Minute Neuro Exam

    A reminder about the 5 Minute Neuro Exam is always useful.

    If you are ever in the situation where you suspect someone may have a bend then the 5 minute neuro exam is designed to spot any potential problems and also take a baseline of thier condition should they need treatment.

    Information regarding the injured diver's neurological status will be useful to the chamber in not only deciding the initial course of treatment but also in the effectiveness of treatment. ...