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Eddie Clamp

  1. Lost BSAC Dive Log

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    Resolution. My Dive Log has been found.

    Phoned our hotel in Kuala Lumpur which we used enroute to Bali. They had not responded to an email. They found the divelog. Then my wife remembered she had put it in the drawer next to her bed with some magazines. Why she took it out of the bag I really do not understand as there is certainly no diving in KL (the air viz is bad enough). She had sworn blind that she had checked the room (I was carting bags and paying bills).

  2. Best of Maldives itinerary on MY Anastasia March 2013 with Scuba Travel by Tom Battel

    Thanks for your understanding.
    I am here to protect the traffic on TDF, not drive it away to another Dive forum/website. Of course we don't mind the odd one, but we weren't talking about the odd one Eddie were we..
    My decision is final.[/QUOTE]