View Full Version : First Dive of the Year.... The rain stopped, but still flooded!

02-01-2013, 05:20 PM
Well, I managed to get my first dives in of the Year today, hoping to get many more though.

Went down to Vobster, had a few Christmas presents to try out, Buddy BCD and a Seal Weight Harness, the place was really quiet, only about 1/2 a dozen other divers. Kitted up, did a giant stride entry (Drop must have been about 6" it's pretty full) Weight check and dumped 2KG, not sure if thats down to the new BCD or too much Christmas Pudding?

First dive was good, had a cholesterol burger and a brew and jumped in for a second, the Air fill I received was awesome, 250 bar... I've only got a 232 cylinder! Anyway, all was going well until we got to the Jacquin II, had a look in the cabin and caught my wrist seal, yep, I slowly flooded, managed another 15 mins, but started getting REALLY cold and sacked it.

Oh well, I was thinking of replacing the seal after the winter was over, just have to do it now instead, can you get neoprene seal to replace the latex wrist seals (Old ND Divemaster)?