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Kongsfjord Scuba
10-12-2013, 11:45 AM
This is us, Kongsfjord Scuba.

We are based at the northern end of Europe, 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle, about half way between the North Cape and Murmansk in Russia.

Amazing dive sites await you, from wrecks to reefs and everything in between. Our underwater world is very special and very different from other places in Norway. One of our special creatures are the King Crabs, which can measure up to 2m across.

We are working closely with some international research institutions and specialize in passing on our knowledge of the Arctic underwater world.

Feel free to visit us on Facebook (Kongsfjord Scuba) or on the web: Kongsfjord International Scuba School (http://www.arctic-diving.com)
Email: kiss@arctic-diving.com
Tel: +47 - 95 45 73 42

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