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31-12-2012, 04:33 PM
Help for those concerned about the data transfer implications of the sale of YD

In my professional role, which rather a lot of you know about, I have a legislative interest in copyright law and data protection. I have been for several days extremely concerned at the misinformation given out on here in relation to data ownership and transfer.

I am not convinced that, as has been claimed, it is the 'few' who are concerned but even if it is, the 'few' have rights under uk, eu and Canadian data protection law. I am thus collecting all instances of refusal in the part of board administrators to delete accounts and posts on request. If you have direct refusals via PM please email these to me on the address below.

I am content to act as a conduit for all those who wish to apply to the data commissioner to have their past posts and all account information deleted. Clearly, as a responsible corporate entity, VS will wish members to be aware of their rights on this and will not wish to delete this thread. Obviously a record of it has been made as cached with time and date stamp to ensure that it does not disappear. Again, a responsible data controller will not wish to suppress the dissemination of information to individuals about their rights.

In order for me to act on your behalf, I would require an email from you setting out your user name(s), a brief explanation of what your objection is and what attempts you have made to get the account correctly and fully deleted. I would recommend a direct email to VS which you can attach to your email to me. Finish the email with a request for me to act on your behalf and include your uk address.

If you do this, please be aware that you should not use the account again. You may therefore wish to ensure that you collect contact details or any private information you wish to retain before allowing the account to become dormant. Taking a few days to do this is fine but when it is done send the emails.

My email address is surname initial (no dots) at parliament.uk

If you need to write rather than email it is to me at 427 PCH, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

Clearly, if VS reconsider and agree to delete all accounts fully as and where users request then there is no need for this action. The software permits such deletions (which is not in any case a defence for retention) and it really is the most agreeable way forward.

Personally, I don't mind what stays here from my account so will stay and keep an eye on things.
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